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everyday carry
Pockt is the minimalistic dream that is born from everyday carry needs in San Diego California. In 2018 we started with a motto, there is a better way to carry your essentials. As a designer-based brand, Pockt believe carrying your necessities with well-designed and considered products can make a big difference in the 21st-century's on-the-go lifestyle. Pockt deliver carrying solutions that are sleek, exciting, and eye-catching. Pockt offer a wide assortment of trendy, outside-of-the-box accessories that are equal parts functional and minimalist – from slim cardholders to money clip wallets, AirPods cases to the wrist and neck lanyards, and so much more. Pockt is a quality-centered, customer-minded team with a passion for elegant, thoughtful designs and products that stand the test of time. Pockt prioritize materials that offer long last durability as well as pleasing aesthetics. Pockt go the extra mile to ensure the very best quality because our customers are truly the center of everything we do. Every detail and decision made is done so with your best interests in mind. No corners are cut for costs or time for us. Adding functional parts or sleek touches to all the products we launch is literally the most important part of our journey! Pockt is always on duty to create everyday carry solutions for the future. The talented team keeps going on a mission to create fun, fashionable, and original products. From the unique patterns to easy-to-use elements, our focus is on creating the very best options to the person on the move. Pockt is committed to innovating new ways to make your life easier by providing a better way to carry

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